RED-V company is focused on the development and promotion of complete Digital Signage solutions. It allows you to manage the contents on any screen, to create a unique communication experience for your customers. It is the final blending of years of experience in multimedia, mobile and web experience, tablet and multimedia server design. RED-V boasts years of success and installations in the whole of Europe, for any kind of applications, from retail sector to hospitality, to videowalls for live events.

RXV A740 R

RXV A740 R packaging

It is a full featured server all included into a smart player box. You can customize your template and content with just the RED-V player connected to the TV/Monitor.
If you want to lean back on your sofa, connect your phone or tablet and just run your RED-V channel the way you like.

Android™ Lollipop

Operating system:
Android™ 5.1.1 Lollipop


First media player to support 4K @ 60fps! Exceptional playout quality up to 10-bit colour format. No moving parts (fanless).


RXV A740 R is the ultimate digital signage media player, designed to bring a world of online contents to your screens, such as Ultra High-Definition video playback and real-time streaming, remote management, local media playback capability via USB port and SD Cards, and audio streaming services.
Designed to be easy-to-use, RXV A740 R transforms your TV screens in a fully interactive marketing tool, without any technical skills. You just log in your RED-V dashboard by computer, smartphone or tablet to create your layout experience quick and easy, importing dynamic contents like social media, pictures, video, feed RSS, playlist and so on in just a few click.

ic_social Social media
ic_pictures Pictures
ic_video Video
ic_text Text
ic_rss Feed RSS
ic_music Music
ic_weather Meteo
ic_web Web
ic_youtube Youtube


Quad-Core Cortex A53 Processor(64-bit)


Penta Core Mali-450 GPU

Internal Storage

16GB eMMC 5.0 Storage(MLC)

Wireless Connectivity

802.11ac 2 X 2 MIMO Dual-Band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz / 5.0GHz), Bluetooth 4.1

Operating System

Android™ 5.1.1 Lollipop

Video Output

HDMI®2.0, up to 4K @ 60Hz Supports HDMI-CEC

Audio Output

Via HDMI®2.0, 3.5mm stereo jack, optical SPDIF

Peripheral Interface

RJ-45 GIGABIT Ethernet – supports hotspot sharing via WiFi
Micro SD card reader
USB 2.0 port x 3, OTG port x 1 Kensington lock ready
Microphone Jack,Headphone Jack, IR receiver (remote included)


DC 5V, 3A adapter included (CE, FCC certified)

Supported Video Format

DAT / MPEG / MPE / MPG / TS / TP / VOB / ISO / AVI / MP4 / MOV / 3GP / FLV / MKV / M2TS / MTS / M4V / WMV / ASF

Supported Audio Format



RXV A740 R is an amazing media player with stunning Ultra High-Definition video playout, engineered to be durable and extremely power efficient. The pre-installed RED-V suite of apps make this media player a perfect solution for Digital Signage installations, from the smallest one with a single screen, up to the biggest with thousands of screens.


Computing Power

RXV A740 R is based on 64-bit Quad-core ARM® Cortex™-A53 running at 2 GHz. The Penta-core ARM® Mali™-450 guarantee optimal graphics performances used to create smooth animations of images and texts, needed by a modern Digital Signage media player.



RED-V is a smart Digital Signage solution that allows you to manage both small and large installations thanks to its intuitive set of apps and the CMS server. This solution is suitable for creating the most effective content for different situations, without specific technical skills. Easy steps to upload your files and create or change your screen layout and program as well as scheduling it, to provide your audiovisual message to the right audiences.
Enjoy full and easy control of your screens with RED-V Super Digital Signage.


Ultra High-Definition video

RXV A740 R can play 4K videos with an exceptional 60 fps and 10-bit colour, delivering ultra sharp and smooth imagery for a unique video experience. Thanks to HEVC / H.265 codec support, 4K video files can be highly compressed and reduced in size without sacrificing video quality. Reduced file size can help lowering the costs for your network traffic infrastructure, especially for big projects with many Internet connected players / screens.


Energy Efficient

RXV A740 R, despite being so powerful, offers an exceptional energy efficiency, making it a perfect solution as a Digital Signage media player, that can be powered-on 24h a day, without any worries.


Easily create and manage Videowalls with up to 20 synchronized displays. Define and create virtually any layout, with the RED-V Videowall Composer, by placing the displays on your wall as you like, even with overlapping portions. Any type of display is suitable for RED-V Videowalls, since it’s possible to insert the precise dimensions in millimeters of your displays, width, height and also the bezel dimensions.


You can also use new RED-V Media Players NVIDIA based to manage multiple screens with a single player, to play synchronized content or totally unrelated video and images on several different screens. This is also an ideal solution for applications based on ledwalls, as for example in airport terminals, where dozens of check-in counters screens can be controlled by a single RXN type media player to display different type of information like destinations, timetables, delays, etc.


Use Interactive Web Apps directly into your touch screens thanks to the support, by most of our media players, of a powerful embedded HTML5 Web View.

Special and custom interactive applications can be separately developed and run by RED-V media players, to virtually implement any interactive user experience you want to offer to your customers. Interactive RED-V applications just require a tablet with a touch screen, but they are also perfect for big displays with touch capabilities. Tablets can easily be installed on walls, but also on restaurant/bar tables to provide customers with interactive services and contents.
Interactive Digital Signage applications can be a key differentiator for you and your customers, with respect to standard Digital Signage passive applications, in which contents are always played in same way independently of the person who’s looking at the screen.


RED-V Retail is a special suite of apps designed to enable the integration with Retail Management systems to seamlessly bring goods prices and info directly to your in-store displays.

With RED-V Retail solution retailers have a powerful yet easy way to show and advertise their products and special offers to their shoppers, with always up-to-date prices. Once configured, retailers do not even need to access RED-V to change displayed products or prices, they just need to use the retail software system they’ve always used, and all rest is just automatic. Change the layout, colors and fonts used for advertise your goods, special offers, inside the store any time you want, with just a few mouse clicks.


RED-V is a complete Digital Signage solution, from media player up to the CMS server, that is made possible by a tightly integrated suite of applications. On the media player side RED-V consists of a set of native Android apps, specifically designed and optimized for our media player hardware:


RED-V Launcher

It is the first apps loaded when the media player starts, and enables the user to configure and manage all RED-V and system configurations (CMS server connection, Wi-Fi or ethernet network, date and time, etc.)


RED-V Downloader

It’s a service that keeps the player always synchronized with the CMS server, sends reports, alarms and playout statistics. It also implement the embedded CMS Web Server used especially in RED-V ONE mode of operation (no external CMS server is needed in this case)


RED-V Player

It's the main and most important app running on the media player, which renders and plays all the audiovisual contents on the screen as designed by the user. It takes advantage of all the hardware accelerated capabilities to provide an immersive experience to the intended audience. Besides videos and image playlists with animations, it supports: YouTube (videos, playlists and channels), Twitter, RSS news feeds, Web view with Javascript support, etc



It’s a powerful CMS and Digital Signage server, designed with ease-of-use in mind, that let’s you manage from a few media players from a single installation, to big installations with thousands of players around the world, possibly independently managed by different accounts with different users and contents.

As an alternative to RED-V ONE



For large and geographically sparse installations RED-V Proxy can help you reduce network traffic costs and speed up media player synchronization, by hosting and serving media contents in a distributed way, instead of using a single central server.



It’s a small yet complete, CMS server pre-installed in the media player, just working out of the box. With it you have everything needed to manage a single RED-V player.

As an alternative to RED-V SERVER

The RED-V Central Server features mainly relates to contents, distribution architecture, channels and devices. As such, it can be referred to as a contents and Digital Signage management tool, designed as SaaS (Software as a Service). RED-V Central Server UI is an HTML5 Web App and works as fine on a desktop browser and on smartphone and tablet devices (this very much concern the “responsive” design of its UI). This stylish UI, designed with easy of use and simplicity in mind, helps you managing your RED-V Network of media players from your RED-V Central Server even from an iOS or Android smartphone while your RED-V Central Server runs on your premises.


RED-V Development Kit gives you the insights for controlling and expanding the reach of possibilities you might want to explore and make your own on RED-V. You can craft your own system using RED-V as a building block or just configure, tailor and refine existing features to create your own personal experience for your customers by using the XML/JSON, Web and Templates control doors we have opened for you to explore. It’s a complete system. In case you need more you might considering to apply for the RED-V Development Kit Plus for on device additions (source or binary).


RED-V Templates

RED-V Templates

RED-V Templates defines the overall resources needed for playout. They are suitable for on-line and off-line contents creation and play-out. They have a format and an architecture easy to understand and to comply to. You can deploy a complete and autonomous RED-V Program within a RED-V Template and package it on an SD Card, for instance, or have it downloaded from the Web, YouTube or the RED-V Cloud Server. RED-V Templates can be edited off RED-V and later deployed also on disconnected environments, through the SD upload mechanism or just left on the SD card inserted on its on-device port.

RED-V Formats

RED-V XML and JSON formats

Easily understand and harness the power of RED-V XML and JSON file format specification to control a RED-V Device and direct a RED-V Playlist.

RED-V Interface

RED-V Management and Control via the Web interface

Get acquainted with the RED-V unique feature to have both the RED-V player and the RED-V ONE server on-board on the same device or just control your device, securely and remotely, through the web. Access the Team Viewer capabilities and control what’s on display on your own management interface.


RED-V Cloud Services allow you to easily manage your TV screens from anywhere, anytime, with no worries about all the required hardware and network server infrastructure. Choose the subscription program that best suits your needs, depending on how often you need to update media content displayed on your screens.


The easiest way to get started with RED-V.

Business Hours.
Up to 3 media players, 5 GB of storage in cloud for media contents.

€29.99* per month


For higher monthly uploads and additional options.

Business Hours and Weekends.
Up to 10 media players, 25 GB of storage in cloud for media contents.

€99.99* per month


Complete RED-V architecture and experience.

Like PLUS but with extended time.
Up to 25 media players, 100 GB of storage in cloud for media contents.

€199.99* per month


Powering teams to create, collect, and organize the work together.


* US and non-EU countries (Company's legal seat matters): the € (EURO) price (e.g. 100€) is equivalently set in US Dollars $ (USD) (e.g. 100$)


In RED-V we care about Partners and we do want to expand our reach through our partners channel. Therefore you can always find your way to talk at the top management level when business is concerned as well at the deepest technical level when technology matters. Since we are a young, small but smart and growing company, we respond when you ask and we back you up when you need. We do listen to our Partners.

RED-V Business Partners

Selected set of premium companies willing to share the joy of proudly reselling our technologies and services. We do not want just box-moving entities with little or no value added but real people or companies to share business together.

RED-V [Co-]Branding Partners

Elite of partners, OEM and companies that believe on rebranding our technologies and services for their own business and customers.

device support program
software porting program
white label program

RED-V Source Code Partners

From independent developers to large enterprises, who believe on sharing ideas request for coding addition and special developments, to build their own services and technologies on our core system.

development kit plus program
device support program
software porting program
white label program


We do care about our Partners and we do care about our Developers. Partners represent us on the market and Developers support us on the technological evolution of RED-V. We personally know each of our Partner and most of our Developers and this will continue over time. We believe that linking with us and adopting RED-V will be beneficial for your business will.
Choose to become a Partner by joining one of our Partner Programs.