Google Drive Integration

Many companies that use Google Workspace asked us to add support to RED-V for this successful productivity suite. They usually share internally several documents that are constantly updated, and they need a way to show those documents on monitors installed in their offices or inside their factories without the burden of logging in to their Google account on each single monitor.

The RED-V Google Drive app easily enables the display of your online Google documents (sheets, docs, etc.) on unattended RED-V monitors. Just grant permission to the app, from within your RED-V Cloud account, and you are ready to use it.


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RED-V & Google Drive

The app can be used both in business and educational environments to show documents from your Google Workspace on monitors installed inside your company, or educational institution, locally sharing important and always up to date information with all your users or customers. The documents are exported and downloaded locally, such that the original online documents are never modified by this app. When a document is edited online, it will be exported again in just a few minutes, and its updated version will be shown on the screens.